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Our PSI Testing Center hours are Monday thru Sunday. 8:30am till 5pm. Call for holiday or other closures. All test scheduling and changes must be made through PSI scheduling online at or by telephone.

PSI Candidate Support Phone Numbers (info and scheduling)
Oregon Construction Contractors (CCB) 1.855.746.8170
Oregon Insurance 1.855.340.3901
Oregon Landscape Contractors 1.855.746.8173
Oregon Real Estate 1.833.892.5441
Candidate Exam General Questions 1.800.367.1565 X 6799
Customer Care: or 1.800.367.1565 X 7030

FAA Airman Certification Testing Service (ACTS)
      1. View PowerPoint Presentation FAA Testing
      2. You MUST obtain (FTN) FAA Tracking Number.
      3. Register for your FAA exam at Register or 1-844-704-1487
All licensure examinations must be scheduled directly with PSI. We are not authorized to schedule or reschedule exam changes. You may contact us during business hours to confirm that you are on our schedule to take a future exam. Popular Oregon licensing exams are CCB, Insurance and Real Estate. Our test center is equipped with 13 testing stations. In-person testing is encouraged. Proctors will make your testing experience comfortable with low-stress. Independence is just 10 minutes west of Salem, OR. Our Zip Code is 97351. (google map)

Fingerprinting is available for Oregon Insurance and Real Estate licensing candidates who test in-person. The fee is $61.25, Credit/Debit card, Money Order or Company check. No personal checks or cash. This service is available during in-person testing hours. We encourage fingerprinting on the day you test. Be sure and ask the proctor when you test. We have irregular lunch closure times.
When renting our aircraft and/or before solo, we require that you purchase renters insurance. Avemco is one provider of  this insurance coverage. Click for Avemco

Airplane Flying Handbook FAA H-8083-3B
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA H-8083-25B